Need no teef….(well maybe 6 or 7)

What trip to Ft. Worth is complete without a visit to the Railhead?  I must confess, Carter’s first barbecue experience happened many months ago at Kreuz’s market in Lockhart (shout out to Uncle Todd!!), but still, it was definitely time for him to have some Railhead Q.  I don’t have pictures of him eating a quarter pound of turkey!), but I did get some choice pictures of him digging into a pork rib:

Mmmmm!  Pork ribs are good!

Oh.My.Gosh.  This is SO good.


When I see pictures like this, I am convinced that there must be a “Texan” gene….a gene that all us Texan children are born with that makes us just know how to eat barbecue, and especially ribs.  I mean, come on, nature v. nurture?  I think these pictures pretty much settle that debate.

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