Shave and a haircut…

Today Carter had his first haircut, and it was an event in the Semple household.  Before I get to the story and pictures, let me set the mood for you with a little ditty called The Haircut Song:

Okay now.  So, having gone to godson Ben’s first haircut, Chas was enthusiastic about playing a role in Carter’s first haircut.  Step number one, what type of establishment would be selected for Carter’s first cut? Chas selected an old fashioned style barbershop down here in South Austin, and I must say, I was impressed.  It was pretty cool.  Here are Chas and Carter pre-haircut in front of the barbershop:

Okay, the straight razor image is kind of menacing. PS – Nice belly Carter.

We were very excited that Carter’s godfather, JJ, was going to join us.  Sure enough when we arrived, JJ was testing out the barber people for us – he was already well into his own haircut!  We settled in to wait for Carter’s turn in the chair, and I had the chance to get a final shot of Carter rocking his baby curls:

Say bye bye to the curls.

Soon enough Uncle JJ was finished (and looking mighty handsome we must say) and it was Carter’s turn to take a ride in the barber chair.  They offered a bumbo, but alas, Carter outgrew bumbos um, about 8 months ago, so out came the booster seat:

The calm before the proverbial storm.

Look how chill he looks!  At first he actually seemed to be excited about sitting in the chair – as if he was a little king looking down at his subjects.  He tapped his little hands on the arms, he looked at me, looked at Chas, looked at JJ. He was quite pleased with himself.  And then came the cape, smock, whatever you want to call it…..

Smiling no more….

He looked at me, looked at Chas, looked at JJ, OH THE OUTRAGE!!  How DARE you put an overgrown BIB on me?!  How DARE you hold me down and start, WHOA!  What the HECK is going on with the scissors lady?!  I DON’T LIKE THIS ONE BIT!


And the crying continued on for the duration of the hair cut, while I took pictures and Uncle JJ shot video and the barber lady cut hair at a pace that would have made me VERY uncomfortable if she was touching my hair.  She even whipped out the clippers and used them on his neck!!  Here’s a shot from the side when he was pretty much done and being whisked away to have a couple bites of donut (Thanks Uncle JJ!)

I need a donut – STAT!

So, did he meltdown about the haircut, yes.  Was it a big deal? No.  Does he look so completely adorable with his new haircut that I can hardly stand it?  OF COURSE.  Here’s a shot of Chas, Carter and JJ  – all three of them with fresh hair cuts (and lots of sun in their eyes – sorry guys!).

Now….to see if the curls grow back.

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2 Responses to Shave and a haircut…

  1. Chas says:

    It actually was fun, but hopefully next time he’ll do better. Maybe we’ll try the lap sitting, and just go cape-less. I think his dad isn’t going to need too many more haircuts…

  2. Cameron says:

    He looks so handsome!!! (and there will be plenty of time in college to rock those curls 😉

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