Beware this post contains graphic content and may not be suitable for young viewers.

In a fit of momentary nostalgia, I bought Carter a Monchhichi a few weeks ago.  I had one when I was little and I was a little obsessed with it.  Of course, mine was a GIRL monchhichi, you could tell because she was wearing pink.  I made SURE to get Carter a boy monchhichi.  Because when you’re buying furry monkeys with no distinguishing characteristic other than what color BIB they have on, it’s important to make gender a priority.  Did I mention that one of the big “look how cute” aspects of the monchhichi is that it could suck it’s thumb?  Anyway, for anyone who was deprived of the pleasure of a monchhichi’s company as a child, here is what they look like:

What better toy than a monkey that sucks it's thumb?

As I mentioned, I purchased one for Carter, which he had shown little or no interest in.  Still I gently placed (okay I threw him) the monchhichi in the toy box thinking one day Carter might know the joy of monchhichi companionship.  Well, imagine my excitement when yesterday, he actually reached in the toy box, grabbed the monchhichi and looked at him.  For all of, about, 1 minute.  Of particular interest to him were the rather large ears of the monchhichi.  After inspecting the toy monkey’s large ears, Carter quickly tossed him aside and moved on to playing his drum and our morning moved on.

Little did I know the dramatic turn the poor monchhichi’s life would be taking yesterday morning.  As I was cleaning my office, our lab, Bailey walked in and I noticed something brown and furry in her mouth:

Bailey "gifted" us with a squirrel recently, so I was just glad whatever was in her mouth wasn't moving.

Then, as if in slow motion, she turned her head and looked up at me, and it became clear who Bailey’s latest victim was.  If you have small children, this might be the time to have them leave the room.

dun dun duuuuuun! (ominous sound when something scary/shocking is revealed)

I immediately instructed Bailey to release the poor monchhichi from her clutches, but I already knew he was a goner.  Still, I decided to survey the damage and see just how badly the poor guy was treated in his final moments.

Aaaaah monchhichi, we hardly knew ye.

As you can tell, it was exceedingly difficult, given the state of his earthly remains, to make a positive id.  Dental records were no help, and seeing as he’s made of plastic, he had no fingerprints.  (She even ate his TAIL!) But since we have only one monchhichi in this house, and the characteristic ears were present, I have concluded, sadly, that this is in fact, the monchhichi that I so happily gifted to my child not yet a month ago.

Like most cold blooded killers, Bailey showed very little remorse.

In the end, in an effort to gain perspective on the loss of our dear friend the monchhichi, I grasped onto this one thought:  Well, at least someone in the Semple household enjoyed playing with the monchhichi!

Bailey's charm helped her avoid any jail time for this heinous crime.

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3 Responses to Beware this post contains graphic content and may not be suitable for young viewers.

  1. Allie says:

    Carrie – I love you but the monchhichi is a little scary looking. Maybe Bailey was protecting Carter from the creepy monkey. Just sayin’.

  2. Crista says:

    Rolling after reading this. Sooooo funny!

  3. Chas says:

    The North American, Aden Ct., Yellow Bailey is known to leave a distinctive bite pattern. The tops of plastic toys, handles, and pacifiers will be removed, leaving behind a jagged edge, and few if any other bite marks. This incredible action photo sequence is the only one known in existence. Remarkable.

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