Trying to spruce up our house.

Emphasis on the word TRYING.  I am a horrible decorator, but I continue to try.  My most often used descriptive phrase for my house is “It’s like a tan bomb went off in there.”  Chas and I are the people who can sit with 4 different shades of taupe on the wall and have a serious debate about which one is best.  So, I have decided to focus on one room at a time.  I’m starting with the entry way (besides bathrooms it is the smallest room).  I’ve decided on the BIG wall I am going to use some wallpaper to give us some pattern and a color other than beige/tan/taupe.  I’m REALLY going crazy….the color is…wait for it……SLATE BLUE (but fyi, it totally looks grey).  Here is a pic of it:

Thibaut Residence Damask

I’m very excited.  The lady who might be installing the wallpaper for us is coming tomorrow morning to tell me how much wallpaper I’ll actually need.  AND…when she called today it turns out we have a friend in common – the wonderful Patty Koopman – our wonderful neighbor who let me and Carter “borrow” her pool a few times this summer!  What a small world.  Here’s a picture from Southern Living of a house that used this wall paper in the entry way.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!

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One Response to Trying to spruce up our house.

  1. Allie says:

    I have been witness to the 4 colors on the wall. I’m excited about you willingness to branch out and add color even if it is “grey”. And all this coming from the girl with more color than a Mexican Cantina in her house! Nothing but love for you and your beigeness.

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