Fall is coming!!

Okay so we live in Texas and we don’t really have seasons.  While many lovely places in this country have four distinct seasons (here’s looking at you New Englanders, you lucky lucky people!) we have cool fronts….that don’t drop the temp below 80 until maaaaybe October.  A few years ago we went to New Hampshire for Chas’ cousin Rob’s wedding.  It was like the fall I was always meant to have.  There were apples ready to be picked – there was a cool crispness in the air, and when we drove down the road, bright colorful leaves of red, yellow and orange were everywhere.  HEAVEN.  I highly recommend a trip to Walpole, NH if anyone is looking for a quick fall getaway.

Alas, I live in Texas, so I have to herald the arrival of fall in other ways, because it’s certainly not cool, there are no apples to be picked, and the live oak in our front yard doesn’t drop it’s leaves until the spring.  So, this past week, I saw two signs that fall is coming:

Great…another post about corn.

1.  Candy corn has arrived in the grocery stores!!


2.  Central Market has a HUGE selection of pumpkins and other gourds in front of the store.

So, there you have it, fall is on it’s way.  Will it get cooler soon? HECK NO!  Will we all put on scarves and head out into the apple orchard to pick some delicious honeycrisps?  NO.  But, we can buy our candy corn, take pictures of our kids in front of pumpkins,

Oh, look, it's my little punkin with a pumpkin. Like how I did that?

Oh yeah, and watch some great college football!!

Gig ‘Em! Aggies!, Go Horned Frogs!, Guns Up!, and I guess, Hook ‘Em.

Happy Fall!

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One Response to Fall is coming!!

  1. Allie says:

    We could turn the AC down really low in your house, get the fireplace going, wear sweaters and drink apple cider. That or sunbath at the pool for 2 more months…you’re pick!

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