Carter – September 2010

Just a few pictures of Carter that I took last week.  Shout out to Aunt Abby for the adorable alligator outfit!

Carter will be 15 months old on September 23rd.

We’re very glad that he’s fully mobile now.

He points at things that he thinks are interesting.

He continues to be curious.

He continues to make messes.

He can say Mama, Dada, balloon, ball, Bubba (the cat), uh oh, no, bye bye, thank you, good girl, duck, dog, moo, meow, woof woof.

When asked, he can show you his tongue.  He “helps” load the dishwasher, will clean up his toys with a little help, will close doors and cabinets when asked, kicks his ball, can feed himself with a fork and spoon (sticky stuff on the spoon), loves to play in his tent, ride his tricycle, and will occasionally throw his hands in the air when you say “Touchdown!”

We love him.

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One Response to Carter – September 2010

  1. Allie says:

    You love him – DUH! I have one question…are you ready for a new wreath? If not, get ready, it’s coming!

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