I know it’s only October 5th, but I really hate how Thanksgiving sometimes gets overlooked as we speed from Halloween to Christmas.  Seriously, I’ve already seen Christmas decorations out in the stores!  (sorry, huge pet peeve, even though I love love love Christmas!) Thanksgiving gets kind of the raw deal anyway.  So often we just have one day of eating and football and then it’s onward to Christmas.  SO ANYWAY, I thought while I spend this month looking forward to Halloween, and having festive Halloween decorations up, that I would also make an effort to celebrate Thanksgiving early.  I’ll be periodically posting things, big and small, that I’m thankful for.  Today is my first post, and today, I’m thankful for:

Seriously, playgrounds have been my saving grace lately.  Carter is getting more and more active, and these gems located throughout the city are a great resource.  We frequently can be found at the playground in Circle C as well as the playground at Central Market (Central Park location).  The weather has been SO lovely it just seems wrong to not spend at least part of every day outside.  I’m sure Carter is thankful for playgrounds as well:

He can climb.

He can sit and take it all in.

He can drive.

He can drive some more. Seriously, he spends a lot of time driving.

He can take a break. (yes I can see that he has no shoes on. don't judge.)

He can walk around.

And last but not least…

He can try new delicacies. Rock anyone? (disclaimer: I didn't let him eat the rock, I just took a picture of him considering eating a rock.)

I am very thankful to live in a city where there are great play areas for children and the grown ups who love them, and I am glad that the pleasant weather has made it so enjoyable to be out and about lately.  If anyone ever wants to meet up, just let me know!

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