Trip to Warrenton/Roundtop

Recently, Allie and I decided to venture to down to Warrenton and Roundtop for the big antique festival that is held each spring and fall.  We had a great time, and Allie definitely scored a GREAT purchase – some great vintage chairs for her backyard.  I wasn’t as lucky.  (sigh).  One thing we didn’t expect was that we would end up in….dun DUN DUN:

Seriously people, I don’t know WHAT was going on in Roundtop this year, but there was a disturbing trend: people doing weird things with vintage doll parts.  HI WEIRD!   At first we thought it was just in one shop – but we noticed it was EVERYWHERE!  It was as if that kid Sid from the original Toy Story had found a house in Warrenton and was continuing to conduct his “experiments” on unsuspecting toys.

Remember Sid and what he liked to do to toys?

Even at Marburger Farms, there was a stall with doll head molds mounted on the walls for sale.  Here are some of the more disturbing ones we saw in Warrenton.  And seriously, if you are reading this and you bought one of these – What were you thinking?!  What’s wrong with you?!   These are WEIRD, and I’m sorry, but they don’t qualify as folk art.


To add insult to injury, note that they painted her hands and feet blue to go with the lovely hair they chopped.



Help me!! Please help me! Where are Woody and Buzz Lightyear when you need them?!



I guess this one is a party girl - look, she has a disco ball, wings, AND a tiara. Why exactly she needs to look as if she is being crucified is beyond me.



Allie wasn't a fan either.



I'm sure someone else could write really funny captions for these, but I'm at a loss. They are just too bizarre.



You can see the price tag on this one - what a steal! For $95 you can make your wall even uglier!

And there you have it…besides Allie’s fantastic steal of a deal on her chairs, we’ll never forget the year we went to Warrenton/Roundtop and the big trend was mangled doll head art.



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One Response to Trip to Warrenton/Roundtop

  1. Allie says:

    I do have to say the chairs are fantastic and I can’t wait to have them powdercoated!

    The dolls are a creepsters heaven. I can completely understand not wanting to trash your beloved baby doll that your brother cut the hair off of but put it deep in the cedar chest – NOT dismembered and up for sale.

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