Sweet Bailey (aka The Monster)

We chose this sweet girl, or did she choose us?  We went to check out some puppies and while most of Bailey’s littermates were snoozing away, Bailey walked right up to us and decided to check us out (just checked with Chas and he has a different memory, but this is my blog, if he wants to tell his story, he can start his own!).  She was the biggest puppy in the litter and definitely a little of the boss of her brothers and sisters.

Here is a picture of her the day we brought her home:


Look how cute I am!! Just wait until you try to kennel me tonight!!

We were in love, and took her home with us.  Having already raised our sweet Bessie and used a kennel for training, we brought Bailey home and promptly put her in her kennel when it was time to go to sleep.  HELLO MONSTER.  That sweet pudgy puppy screamed, (seriously, screamed!) from 11 pm until 6 am.  She would occasionally yell so much that she would get short of breath and let out a big old snort that sounded like a pig.  We gave more than a moment’s thought to changing her name to Petunia.  But she was so cuuuuute in the daytime:

Uh huh, yeah, screaming all night will make you tired.

She ALWAYS wants to be with her people.

She used to hide under a wing chair – even when she was almost too big!

Flash forward 3 years and we can’t imagine life without Bailey, aka Bay Bay, aka The Monser (yes we say monser, not monsTer). It turns out that Bailey, like most labs, just LOVES being with people.  She is an AMAZING athlete, loves to retrieve (but best of all, willingly gives up whatever she’s retrieving),  and seriously, she is just one of the calmest, sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever known.

More Bailey goodness:

Bailey sleeping in my "back and belly" maternity pillow. She's probably snoring.

She looooooves her puppy sister, Bess.

She's always around for the important moments - like the first time Carter went to church.

She helps Carter feel better when he is sick.

We love her. LOTS.

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  1. Janice says:

    Ben is super curious about dogs, so the next time we have a playdate, Bailey will have to join us!

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