Fall Fun

SO excited that this year I actually made it out to Sweetberry Farms!!  This great little place out in Marble Falls is swarmed over with adorable children and their parents every fall.  You can take pictures, buy lots of different pumpkins, paint pumpkins, run through a maze, take a train ride, and lots of other fun.  HUGE shout out to Aunt Allie B (Allison Billodeau) for taking these amazing pictures of Carter.  We were so glad that we could hang out with her and Grey for the morning.  Can’t wait to go next year!!  Without further delay, here are some of the pictures:

Grey and Carter immediately began inspecting the pumpkins.

Carter looooooved the goats.

Carter can run now!!

Thinking about the goats....

Vroom Vroom! Vroom Vroom! Vroom Vroom!

Carter and Grey having fun in the hay trailer. Nobody's allergies seemed to act up - BONUS!


Carter loves all forms of corn.

Carter was really interested in the pumpkin at the BOTTOM of the bathtub.

Carter with a pumpkin we almost bought. About now we realized how long the line was getting to buy pumpkins.

Yay for our first trip to Sweetberry Farms.

Love him sooooooo much.

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One Response to Fall Fun

  1. Honey says:

    Soooo precious . . . great photos!

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