Carter is 3, I mean 2!!

Ha ha – if you ask Carter how old he is he says, very confidently, “three.years.old!”  Then you say, “How old again?”  And he says “two.years.old!”  ANYWAY, we celebrated with a party, as all birthdays should be celebrated.  Especially when cupcakes are involved.  I really struggled with coming up with a cute theme for the party, until I saw this guy:

How cute is he?  As soon as I saw him, I knew we had to do a cowboy party.  So, here is the fun invitation I designed and had printed.  I was really pleased with how it turned out:

Without further delay, here are some pictures from the party!

Important things first:  dessert table!  Strawberry cupcakes (with real strawberries in them!) and s’mores on sticks!

Close up of this year’s birthday banner.  It was pretty easy to make!

The wreath on the front door said “Git yer gear and come on in!”

The “Gear Table.”

Bandanas, cowboy hats and badges.

We had a saddle and a fun horse swing for those who wanted to brave the Texas heat.

Birthday boy pre-party

First present of the day – thank you Aunt Susie!!  Big news:  Carter actually liked opening presents this year!!  Can’t wait until Christmas!!  If you look closely you can see a marshmallow in his hand – I totally bribed him to get the bandana on him.

It’s a ZOO!!!  (all he will want to do is play with it for the rest of the party)

What’s a cowboy say?  “yeee haw.”

Rosemary and Owen.  We love Wosemawy and Owie.

Tiffany, Jacob, and Shane-David Willett

mmmm s’mores.

Carter and Henry

This cowboy rides off into the sunset in a fire engine.

Henry and Ella

Can’t wait to party with Ben next weekend!

Ben and Grey

Ride ’em Cowboy Charlie!

Uh oh, someone developed a fear of fire just in time for their 2nd birthday….

Fun presents from the Baskins!

Finally, getting to play with my zoo with Aunt Susie.

What a great party.  Carter had so much fun, and we are so grateful to all our friends who came over to celebrate with us.  We are very blessed.

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One Response to Carter is 3, I mean 2!!

  1. Margaret says:

    I think Carter is a very fortunate young boy. His party looks delightful. You worked at that and how cute! Love the banner, the cowboy hats, the glasses, well, all of it. Thanks for posting. Margaret

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