Home Improvement

Our  master bathroom has a huge glass block window above the bathtub.

In the afternoon, sunlight streams in through that window and makes for a really hot bathroom (and sometimes bedroom).  It’s so hot, you really don’t want to take a shower in there in the afternoon because most likely you’ll be so sweaty if you get ready afterwards that you’ll have to take another shower.  It’s just wrong. We know that this bathroom is on the someday “to do” list.  But someday is not this year, not with another baby on the way, and a big boy room to furnish and decorate for Carter.  Chas and I have both had different ideas about what to do in the master bath to keep the temperature down in there.  One of my favorite blogs is Nesting Place (www.thenester.com).  I knew as soon as I read the Nester’s motto, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” that this was the blog for me.  It is where I first found a link to the instructions for making custom slipcovers, which I am still enjoying several months later.  One of my favorite subject areas on her blog is “window mistreatments.”  She tells you how to make great looking curtains, shades, etc. without spending an insane amount of $$.  Most recently, she featured a window mistreatment from another blog: http://www.thenester.com/window-mistreatments/no-sew-roman-shades

She made it look pretty easy, so I decided, what the heck. Without further delay, I give you:

Things you will need:

wood/bamboo roman shades.

You can probably buy any wood roman-style shade, but I bought the Levolor ones from Lowe’s.  They trim to fit the width of your window for free while you shop.  Brilliant.  Also, I bought the ones that had a liner on them.  They are more expensive, but I was trying to fight sun and heat, so I figured I would take all the help I could get.

You’ll also need spray adhesive.  I bought this kind from Hobby Lobby:

Obviously, you’ll need the fabric you want to use to cover the shade, as well as any trim. I used a neutral fabric that I bought at Cowgirls and Lace out in Dripping Springs, and I bought some ribbon for trim.  You want the fabric to be fairly thick, and upholstery grade would probably be ideal.  Mine is not quite upholstery grade and I am completely satisfied with it.  You won’t want to use a thin cotton or anything like that because it will really show the wood shade behind it.

Also, the usuals – scissors, glue gun, loooots of glue for said glue gun, oh and a helpful spouse is ALWAYS a bonus.

So, first thing we did was put down a drop cloth to protect our floor from the spray adhesive.  Then we laid the shade out on top of it.

see...helpful spouse, check.

Then we shook up our spray adhesive, and basically started at the top and worked our way down.  The adhesive recommends sticking the items to be adhered together within 15 seconds of spraying,  so we sprayed a small section, smoothed out the fabric, sprayed another small section, smoothed out the fabric, etc.  Then we let it dry for an hour.

At this point, we had excess material on all three sides.  I planned to wrap them around the shade and attach them with hot glue.  Also, make sure to get enough fabric that you can trim the excess from the bottom of the shade and use it on the flap at the top.  These are all things I did after attaching the initial material.

This is when you get out your handy dandy glue gun and start trimming and wrapping the excess fabric around the shade.  It’s really easy.

After you secure all the fabric, time to add trim.  I did a really basic ribbon.

Once you’re finished trimming (if you want to), call upon aforementioned supportive spouse.  It’s time for power tools!!  Installation is pretty simple, but I recommend using a drill…the instructions on the shades say all you need is a screwdriver, but I think that’s insane.

Almost finished….


It’s not the best picture ever, but now that it blocks out a lot of the sunlight, it’s actually difficult to get a picture that accurately reflects the color of the shade. OH WELL, I am thrilled with the result. It was really very simple, and all told, I believe the entire cost of this little project was in the $100-$125 range.  (Thank goodness my spouse doesn’t charge for installation services!)  Now…if I can just get him to hang that light fixture over the bathtub….

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3 Responses to Home Improvement

  1. Joanna Cox says:

    Very impressive and looks like Chas is a man with many talents!

  2. Denell says:

    Carrie…Grandma Riggin would be smiling at this. You know she was the DYI’er of the family. I inherited it and looks like you did too!

  3. Margaret says:

    That is really good looking! My daughter-in-law is so smart. Margaret

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