Austin to Lubbock


We made it!  We are all happily in our beds in Lubbock, Texas.  We left Austin around 10 am, which was only 1 hour later than we had hoped. This might be a record for a Semple family departure.  Our first stop was in Llano, to get gas, and we let the boys get out to “help.”  Carter loves to wash the windows on the car.  Henry found a butterfly.  Teddy amused himself by pointing out colors, numbers and letters on the fuel pump.


His favorite number is seven.

It was such a good reminder that young children can really find fun anywhere, doing anything.  We got back in the car and drove to Brownwood for lunch. We stopped at the Runaway Train:


It was a fun restaurant, the food was decent, and we all enjoyed the break.

Almost immediately after we got back in the car, THIS happened:


It was so amazingly, blissfully, (briefly) quiet.

We made one other quick stop outside of Abilene, and arrived in Lubbock around 6pm.  The boys have been so excited to visit Texas Tech.  We went straight there.  They loved it.


Probably the highlight for the boys was getting to visit the football field.


We had dinner at Orlando’s – got to our hotel, and have collapsed into bed.  Can’t wait to head to Colorado tomorrow!

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