Colorado Springs!

We spent two nights in Colorado Springs, hoping to give the boys a break from our long drives.  We were so glad we did!!  There is so much to do, it makes me want to go back and just spend a week there.  For our two nights in Colorado Springs, we tried Air BnB for the first time.  Here is the sweet little house we stayed in:


Originally a Montgomery Ward catalog home!


The boys eating breakfast in the dining room of our Air Bnb house in Colorado Springs.

More on our AirBnB experience another time – but it was amazing, and we will definitely use them again!

We really wanted our time in Colorado Springs to be restful.  There are so many amazing activities, museums, etc. to visit, but for our trip, we chose to focus on Garden of the Gods.    We have visited several parks, but had not had enough time for the boys to really get to do everything they wanted to do.   We planned on spending as long as the boys wanted at GotG so they could climb around on the rocks and hike around as well.


Carter and Henry at Garden of the Gods.


Henry’s collection of pine cones.


We took a tour, then spent some time at the Visitor’s Center, and then went back to climb around and hike a little.  The Visitor’s Center has lots of great exhibits, and a fun film that the boys enjoyed.  The visitor’s center is also where you can book jeep tours and other fun activities.  (They also have some delicious fudge that you can sample.)  We bought some post cards for the boys to send to friends back home.  All in all, it was a great time and I think the boys really enjoyed being outside in the mild temperatures and the break from being in the car all day.

After Garden of the Gods, it was time for lunch. On the recommendation of a friend from high school who attended the Air Force Academy (shout out to my birthday twin James!) we took the boys to The Airplane Restaurant.  You can eat inside a “fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker.”  The restaurant is full of model airplanes, memorabilia, artifacts, etc, so even if you can’t sit in the plane, it is still a fun restaurant to visit.  The boys were super excited when we were seated in the plane.  While we waited for our food, Chas took the boys to check out the cockpit.


Happy Boys at The Airplane Restaurant!


Teddy got his turn “flying” the plane.

After lunch, we went back to the house for naps.  We had big plans to do something else in the afternoon, but decided to let the boys get some rest.  That night, we took advantage of a close Trader Joe’s and our kitchen and ate dinner at the house, followed by a dip in the hot tub.

Itinerary for Colorado Springs

Morning:  Garden of the Gods:  Tour, Visitor Center, hiking and bouldering on our own

Lunch:  The Airplane Restaurant

Afternoon activity:  Naps!  (for everyone!)

Dinner:  Trader Joe’s

Evening:  Dip in the hot tub.

Things we liked about today:  Being able to really stretch our legs and not have to leave in order to make it to another city by a certain time.  Loved having our own house to go back to and take a rest.  The Airplane Restaurant is a fun place to take kids – probably not someplace Chas and I would go by ourselves – but a fun novelty for the boys.

Things we would do differently:  We would love to spend more time in Colorado Springs. There is so much to do!!  I don’t think there is anything we would change about our day – we really got the chance to recharge our batteries after a few days of lots of car travel.





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