Brief Interlude

On our way back from our detour to view Oregon Trail sites, we noticed something moving in a field to my right (I was in the front passenger seat).  After some looking, we realized there was a group of wild turkeys in the pasture.


Three of the wild turkeys.

Chas Semple LOVES seeing wild turkeys, and our boys LOVE hearing him attempt to call them in turkey-talk.  All three boys attempted to call the turkeys on the side of the road in Wyoming.  All of them believe in their heart of hearts that at least one of the turkeys turned in their general direction after being called.


One of the boys’ turkey friends flying across the road in front of us.

Pointless post? Kind of.  But to me, stories like this are why I love road trips.  Not knowing what the day holds in store for you – and the ability do whatever you want – it is a luxury.  These impromptu stops, sometimes they are things that I remember the most fondly.

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