We spent one night in Casper, Wyoming.  I had been telling Chas the entire trip that he was going to be underwhelmed by our hotel in Casper.  There weren’t that many choices – and we ended up at the Quality Inn and Suites.  Um, I was wrong.  While not fancy, this hotel had really great service and very comfortable rooms.  I was so impressed with the service that I actually wrote a trip advisor review of the hotel!  Anyway, this was the day we would finally arrive in Jackson and I could not wait.


Semple Boys love hotel luggage carts!

BUT FIRST.  We had a surprise for the boys.

When we started planning this trip, I told my mom all about it.  She told her friend Martha, who jokingly (?) suggested that they crash our trip.  My response was “why not?!” Mom and Martha had driven to South Dakota to see some the National Parks over there.  As we were leaving Casper, I got a text from my mom – she and Martha were only about 30 minutes behind us!  We decided we would stop for lunch in Riverton, WY and that Martha and Mom would surprise the boys by showing up at lunch.


Henry and Teddy out front of the restaurant where we had lunch.

Needless to say, the boys were definitely surprised and definitely excited.  We ate lunch, and got ready for the final drive into Jackson.

Whoever wrote the post on Trip Advisor about going through Casper and coming into Jackson Hole from the east was right on the money. It was  gorgeous drive, and we were really glad that we went that way and got to experience some scenery that was new to all of us.


Crowheart, WY

When we got to Jackson Hole, we had to go to Colter Bay prior to getting to our condo, because we had to fill out some waivers for a breakfast cruise for the following morning.  While stopping to get our key to the condo, Martha and I were offered a taste of a “sloshy” – a lovely mix of various alcoholic beverages.  News flash:  you can take your sloshy “to go” if you are staying in the Teton Village area – there are no open container laws – so Martha and I enjoyed our sloshies while Mom drove us to dinner at the Moose.  After that, we drove to our condo and started to get settled in.


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