Where We Stayed

Over the course of several trips to the Jackson Hole/Grand Teton/Yellowstone area, I’ve stayed in a few different places, and there are still several places that I would like to stay.  Different types of trips call for different types of lodging.  My first trip to Jackson was with my sister Katie – and we stayed at the Wyoming Inn in Jackson.  wyoming-innThe Wyoming Inn is a nice, standard hotel.  When we stayed there, it was one of the hotels where local tour operators would pick you up for the day, which was helpful for us.  They also offered a better than continental breakfast – so we could have breakfast before we left for the day, and could also take a couple of their bagels to go for a snack later.  Each evening, they offered freshly baked cookies – which was nice, but that’s common with a lot of hotels now a days.  We stayed here twice – and I would stay here again.

When Chas and I first visited Jackson, we stayed at The Wort Hotel.

wort hotel.jpg

The Wort Hotel in Jackson, WY.

The Wort is a historic hotel, and was a place I had always wanted to stay.  Located in “downtown” Jackson, it is an easy walk to the town square.  It is also convenient for tour guides dropping off and picking up.  Parking is on street – there is a surface lot not far away from the hotel.  We had no problems with parking, but we were also there in June, so there was no snow or winter weather to deal with.  We loved our stay at the Wort, and would highly recommend it.

This trip, knowing we had our entire family, and 4 additional adults – my mom, Martha, Chas’ parents – I decided to check out our options for condos.  I found a plethora of options out at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort – in Teton Village.  Teton Village is located about 20 minutes from the City of Jackson, and a short drive from the Headquarters of Grand Teton National Park.   During the winter, this is the place to stay for amazing skiing.  The summer is pretty busy as well with lots of fun summer activities sponsored by the resort.  The condos are all multi-level.  In ours, you entered the condo on the bottom floor into a game room and this was also where the room was with a hot tub and a closet with  washer and dryer.  You went up stairs to the main living area, where there was also one bedroom and bathroom.  Upstairs, there were three additional bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The accommodations do not have air conditioning, but do have heating.  We left our windows open and used fans and were fine. The kitchen had everything you needed – and we had a lovely deck with a view of the Sleeping Indian.  Our unit was Snowridge 5.


The living room in Snowridge 5 in Teton Village.


The dining area.  This was perfect for our group of 6 adults and 3 kids.

Staying here was great for accommodating our group and allowing us all to stay in the same place.  It was very convenient to Grand Teton and Jackson.  However, it is approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Teton Village to the South Entrance of Yellowstone.  To be clear, the scenery you drive through on your way is not to be missed – and it is great. BUT, on our next trip we are going to stay in Yellowstone for a couple of nights to avoid the 1.5 hour drive each way.  Also worth noting:  when the Moose -Wilson Road is open – getting to Teton NP from Teton Village is a really lovely drive with rivers and often wildlife to see. When the Moose-Wilson Road is closed, you have to drive to Jackson (20 minutes) and then back up to Grand Teton NP via the highway. The first day we were there, the Moose Wilson Road was closed due to some construction, and this DROVE ME CRAZY.  We were supposed to be able to “zip right up” Moose-Wilson and be in Teton, not drive “all the way” to Jackson.  Luckily, Moose-Wilson opened up the next day and we had access via that road the remainder of our trip.  Just something to check on, because with such long driving distances, every where you can cut some time off is helpful.  (On the bright side, driving back through Jackson to Teton NP allows you to drive past the National Elk Refuge, which is cool, even if you don’t see Elk down there in the summer months.) Another note: there is an entrance to Teton NP on Moose-Wilson, and you will need a park pass or to pay admission to the park (park admission is good for 7 days) to pass through, but that’s kind of the point of this trip, so pay up!

But Carrie – if it’s such a long drive to Yellowstone – why didn’t you just stay in the park?!  National Park Lodging is another post of its own.  For this trip, we really enjoyed our accommodations Teton Village, and despite the drives, I highly recommend this optino for people with large groups or with children who benefit from having a room separate from their parents.


View of Granite Creek from a crossing on the Moose-Wilson Road.


Elk as seen from our car on the Moose-Wilson Road (no zoom!)

A kind of cool story – the first night we were there, Chas and I got in our car to check out this “Moose-Wilson Road is closed” situation.  We thought maybe it was “closed” meaning – if you are driving a little tiny car, you probably shouldn’t drive it, but thinking we might be fine our SUV.  It turned out -no, it was really closed.  BUT, as we were driving out – we came upon some traffic.  People started slowing down and pulling over – which in Teton and Yellowstone land means something is going on with animals 9 times out of 10.  We pulled over, turned off our lights (it was dark).  I thought I saw movement out my window.  We rolled down the window – it was a long line of elk walking in a straight line through the meadow.  It was so quiet you could hear them breathing, as they quietly walked to wherever they were going.  See!  Moose-Wilson Road for the win!!  You will never be disappointed, unless it is closed.

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