Make Way for the Hot Mess Express!

So, we’re off.  The plan for our first day was to eat lunch in Ft. Worth and zoom off to Oklahoma City in time to catch a minor league baseball game across the street from our hotel.  

This was us:  

Look at the happiness in these faces!  We’re bright eyed, happy, and eager for the adventures that lie ahead.  

Flash forward to approximately 2 hours later when I notice that it’s hot in the car.  “Is it just me?” I wonder.  Then I notice the vent is barely blowing, and, while the barely blowing air is cool, suddenly the car is getting hotter by the minute.  

It was right about this time that our plan to “take one last trip in the Buick and then trade her in when we get back” started to unravel.  By this time, we reached Ft. Worth and decided we would stop for lunch and to ponder our options for dealing with the car.  

We had a great lunch – the boys got to see TCU, where Chas went to school.  

While eating lunch at Dutch’s across from campus, we decided to ditch the Buick and rent a suburban for the trip.  We didn’t want to risk the drive in a car that appears to be on its last leg.  So, while the boys worked out their wiggles, Chas arranged a rental car.

So, off we went to the rental car location, where we had to uninstall all three huge car seats and then install them in the rental.  Then, we moved all our luggage from one car to the other.  

Needless to say (but apparently I am going to say it anyway), this put us behind schedule for the day.  

We rolled into Norman in time for a late dinner at Hideaway Pizza (thanks for the rec Anne!).  

After dinner, we finished the last leg of our trip to Oklahoma City.  We checked into our hotel just in time to hear the fireworks going off at the baseball game across the street.  

It wasn’t a perfect first day by any stretch, but I was proud at how we rolled with the punches for the most part. 

(And I would love to go back and see more of Norman and OKC!)

Travel Notes:

Lunch:  Dutch’s in Fort Worth

Dinner:  Hideaway Pizza in Norman, OK

Accommodations:  Residence Inn Bricktown, OKC. – great location, friendly staff.  Would definitely book here again.

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1 Response to Make Way for the Hot Mess Express!

  1. Margaret says:

    Love it. Charlie and I have both seen this. Love Chas map too. Thank you M.

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