Big Adventure 2017

mount rushmoreTomorrow morning, all five of us will depart for Big Adventure 2017.  Preparations have been underway for some time. I hoped to have all 3 children packed by Monday night, but realized that my oldest has an alarming lack of t shirts that are not emblazoned with the name of his school, an academic group, or a sports team.  I take my pictures on vacation somewhat seriously, and would like for him to not look like a walking advertisement for Kiker Math Pentathlon in every image. Continue reading

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A View from the Top

IMG_2031.JPGA trip on the Aerial Tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain does NOT disappoint, and is definitely a winner if you have kids.  You can catch the Aerial Tram in Teton Village – just look for the big clock tower, and you buy tickets for it right there.  Later in the summer, there are also other lifts you can ride, but in early June, only the aerial tram was open. Continue reading

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GTNP: Breakfast Cruise to Elk Island

dsc_0150We were up and at ’em our first morning in Grand Teton.  I booked a breakfast cruise on Jackson Lake that left from Colter Bay.  I think we were all a little concerned it would be really cold, and not looking forward to the early morning, but (as usual) it all turned out to be sooooo worth the effort. Continue reading

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Where We Stayed

Over the course of several trips to the Jackson Hole/Grand Teton/Yellowstone area, I’ve stayed in a few different places, and there are still several places that I would like to stay.  Different types of trips call for different types of lodging.  My first trip to Jackson was with my sister Katie – and we stayed at the Wyoming Inn in Jackson.  wyoming-innThe Wyoming Inn is a nice, standard hotel.  When we stayed there, it was one of the hotels where local tour operators would pick you up for the day, which was helpful for us.  They also offered a better than continental breakfast – so we could have breakfast before we left for the day, and could also take a couple of their bagels to go for a snack later.  Each evening, they offered freshly baked cookies – which was nice, but that’s common with a lot of hotels now a days.  We stayed here twice – and I would stay here again. Continue reading

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We spent one night in Casper, Wyoming.  I had been telling Chas the entire trip that he was going to be underwhelmed by our hotel in Casper.  There weren’t that many choices – and we ended up at the Quality Inn and Suites.  Um, I was wrong.  While not fancy, this hotel had really great service and very comfortable rooms.  I was so impressed with the service that I actually wrote a trip advisor review of the hotel!  Anyway, this was the day we would finally arrive in Jackson and I could not wait.


Semple Boys love hotel luggage carts!

BUT FIRST.  We had a surprise for the boys. Continue reading

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Brief Interlude

On our way back from our detour to view Oregon Trail sites, we noticed something moving in a field to my right (I was in the front passenger seat).  After some looking, we realized there was a group of wild turkeys in the pasture.


Three of the wild turkeys.

Chas Semple LOVES seeing wild turkeys, and our boys LOVE hearing him attempt to call them in turkey-talk.  All three boys attempted to call the turkeys on the side of the road in Wyoming.  All of them believe in their heart of hearts that at least one of the turkeys turned in their general direction after being called.


One of the boys’ turkey friends flying across the road in front of us.

Pointless post? Kind of.  But to me, stories like this are why I love road trips.  Not knowing what the day holds in store for you – and the ability do whatever you want – it is a luxury.  These impromptu stops, sometimes they are things that I remember the most fondly.

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Colorado Springs to Casper, WY

**I got so busy having a good time on my trip, that I neglected to keep up with the blog while on my trip. I’ve finally decided to finish writing it all up.**

After spending two really restful nights in Colorado Springs, we woke up ready to hit the road.  Carter really wanted to visit the Air Force Academy, so we decided to do that on our way north.  It is always a great experience to visit one of our nation’s service academies. Continue reading

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