A View from the Top

IMG_2031.JPGA trip on the Aerial Tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain does NOT disappoint, and is definitely a winner if you have kids.  You can catch the Aerial Tram in Teton Village – just look for the big clock tower, and you buy tickets for it right there.  Later in the summer, there are also other lifts you can ride, but in early June, only the aerial tram was open.


img_2013Basically, you got handy, dandy wrist bands, then went up some stairs and waited for one of the trams to arrive.  The ride is about 12 minutes long, during which time you travel over 4,000 vertical feet!  When you are at the bottom of the mountain looking up, you can’t even see where the tram actually ends its journey.


H was super excited.

The interior of the tram is nice – you can sit or stand.  On the way up, we had the tram basically to ourselves, so we had plenty of room.  On the way down, it was more crowded, so we stood.  Of note:  shout out to the tram employee who came up to warn us (while we waited) that there was a large bus of tourists headed up.  She said if they could get the entire tour group on one tram, they would do that so that we wouldn’t be crowded, and luckily they made it happen.  It was a really great customer service experience, because they could have just shoved us all on one and not cared.  Hats off to the folks in charge that day!


For these Texas boys, seeing snow on the way to the top was such a treat!

Once you reach the top, you can treat yourself to a delicious waffle with nutella at Corbet’s Cabin, and sit on the deck where the view is breathtaking.



For real, this was one of our crew’s favorite experiences.

At the top, there are lots of vantage points to check out views of the surrounding area – including getting a view of the The Grand.  You can access many popular hiking trails at the top of the tram.



Know before you go:  check the weather before you buy tram tickets.  Weather in the mountains can always be unpredictable, and this is especially true in early summer.  Rendezvous Mountain is 10,449 feet tall, so there can be dramatic temperature changes from the base.  We took jackets, and ended up not needing them, but I think a week after we left there was a snow storm that dropped several inches at the top.  The tram runs approx every 15 minutes.


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