Sioux Falls and Pierre (say it Peer!)

After leaving Omaha, we headed north.  We were due to spend the night in the capitol of South Dakota, Pierre.  I planned a lunch stop in Sioux Falls, SD.  While researching for this trip, I came upon Sioux Falls, and at one point, I had planned a two night stay in Sioux Falls instead of Omaha.  Y’all, Sioux Falls is lovely. For me, the main attraction were the falls of the Big Sioux River.


One one side of the river is the “Light and Power Building” which now houses the Falls Overlook Cafe.  We arrived in Sioux Falls just in time for lunch and were thrilled to find there was a table open outside with a view of the falls.  The food at the cafe is mainly sandwiches, wraps, chips, that kind of thing.  Perfect for lunch!  And you get an amazing view.  The cafe was bustling when we were there!


Our view at lunch.  It’ll do. 


Had to document that Henry is still wearing a bandana.



After we spent some time exploring the falls, we got back on the road.  Our next stop….drum roll please…the CORN PALACE in Mitchell, SD.  I had never heard of such a thing until my friend said she had always wanted to go, and then another person’s husband showed me pictures he took there.

The Corn Palace was evidently established as a place for the citizens of Mitchell, SD to congregate to celebrate the end of successful corn season.  They still host a festival there every year.  But truly, you want to see the murals.


Before you even get in the front door, you can already see some of the “art” on display.


The antique tractor was the highlight for our guys.


All made out of corn cobs.



From the outside.  Yes, that is Willy Nelson made entirely out of corn cobs. Can YOU say you’ve ever seen that?!

I’m not going to lie, the Corn Palace was not the biggest hit for our kids.  We stopped because of the novelty of it, looked around a little, had some ice cream across the street, and got back on the road.  Glad I went though.

Back on the road, we headed straight to Pierre – which I learned is definitely pronounced “PEER,” not in that Frenchy way that I had been pronouncing it.  We stayed at the Clubhouse Inn and Suites, which, is a lovely small chain and I highly recommend it, especially if you are traveling with kiddos.  We were able to reserve a suite that had a separate bedroom and a pull out sleeper sofa.

If you ask our boys, the biggest news about Peer was the pool at the hotel.  There were not one, but TWO slides.  And oh my goodness, Carter summoned his courage and went down the twisty slide.  It was a landmark day in our household.  Then, as if this wasn’t enough excitement for our family, Henry went down the slide as well.  Fun was had by all.


Of course the pool was indoors – we were in South Dakota!  And yes that creepy frog was another slide.  

Everyone went to bed and got a good night’s sleep.  The next day, the fun really began!  And by fun, I mean, 3 out of 5 Semples sitting in the car while Carter cried about an uneven distribution of Pokemon cards.  Consider yourself warned.


Sioux Falls, SD

Falls Park

The One and Only Corn Palace

Clubhouse Inn and Suites – Pierre

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