Visit Wall Drug!

wall drug bumper sticker

If you travel in South Dakota for like 2 seconds, you will see many, many, many signs encouraging you to visit Wall Drug.  I can only imagine how many people are employed just to manage the signs throughout the state.


Backing up!  The day we were to leave Pierre, we knew we could take it a little easy, because we had very short drives that day.  Our plan was to drive to Badlands National Park and then from Badlands head into Custer State Park, where we would stay for four nights.  For some reason, I thought that Wall Drug was located in Rapid City, and had planned to swing through on our way to North Dakota.  Obviously, I was wrong. Wall Drug is in, you guessed it, Wall, which also happens to be not that far from Badlands NP.  By the time we got to the general area, we decided to head to Wall Drug, have lunch, see a few things and then go to Badlands.


Map of Wall Drug.  


Lunch time at Wall Drug!


The mythical jackelope.


Perhaps my favorite picture from the entire trip, because who doesn’t want a picture of their gorgeous 5 year old atop a plaster jackelope as tall as a building?  Do YOU have one?



One of the TWO rock shops we spent more time in than we should have.  


All the Americano kitsch you could ever wish for in one place!


Wall Drug is something to see.  What started out as a small mom and pop drug store just trying to make a living is now a spectacle located just off the highway in South Dakota.  While waiting for lunch,  I took the time to read “Wall and Water” which was written by Ted Hustead, who put Wall Drug on the map.  He tells the story of how he and his wife and their entire families prayed about their decision to move to Wall, and how faith and community kept them there.  It is a truly touching story, and I would encourage you to take the 5 minutes to read it while you wait for your food.

You can visit Wall Drug anytime you like!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Love it!

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